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NATCA Local Forms

What you need to know before setting up a new NATCA Local Account 

  • It takes just a $5 minimum deposit to establish your Local Account membership
  • Your Local Account comes with free basic checks
  • There is no monthly maintenance fees and no minimum balance requirements for your Local's checking account

  • Setting up a new NATCA Local Account
    1. Print the Organization/DBA Account Application & Agreement form or use the form in your Local package provided by NATCA.
    1. Please complete the application thoroughly and note the following:

      • Designate “new account” or “add/delete officers” at the top of the form.
      • Identify the NATCA Local Account in the Organization/Owner Information section of the form.
      • List an address to mail all account information and the local contact person information.
      • Specify if a Debit card needs to be ordered on the account, and include the authorized signer(s) for which the card should be issued.
      • Ensure that the application is signed by all Local officers.
    1. Please provide a copy of the NATCA Local Update Worksheet and a copy of the IRS issued TIN (Tax ID Number) for the Local Account.
    1. Please also provide a copy of the NATCA EFT Form and a voided check of the account to receive the funds.

    2. Please include a copy of the signers Driver’s License.

    3. To submit the completed form and documents:

      • Scan and email to:
      • Or mail to:
        Dina Earl, SkyOne Federal Credit Union
        14600 Aviation Blvd
        Hawthorne, CA 90250

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