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Home Equity Line of Credit

The journey begins at home

Get cash using your home's value, with rates as low as 3.99% APR* and up to $700** in closing costs covered, on us.

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  • Your home rewarding your dreams

    Your home is the starting point of your journey. Whether the path is for home renovation, consolidating debt, or planning next year’s vacation. A SkyOne Home Equity Line of Credit gives you access to taking the first step.

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    Industry low rate of


    Closing costs covered up to


    Home Equity Line of Credit

    A SkyOne HELOC saves you time if you’re working on an ongoing project. Apply just once, and when approved, get continuous access to cash.

    • Revolving credit line of up to $200,000
    • 7-year draw period
    • Up to 22 years for repayment including the draw period

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    What can I do with a HELOC?

    • Finance an RV and travel safely
    • Fund the kitchen of your dreams
    • Pay for college tuition
    • Consolidate your debt

We wont keep you waiting

Fill out your HELOC application online and hear back from us in no time.

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*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Advertised rates for Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) include a 0.25% Autopay (automatic payment) discount. Without Autopay, rates are .25% higher. Not all applicants will qualify for the lowest rate.


**Closing costs and origination fees up to $700 waived for a HELOC with a minimum initial advance of $5,000 made at closing upon approval. Fees can range from $200 to $4000. Application must be submitted by September 30, 2020 and the loan must be closed on October 30, 2020 to qualify for waiver. Transfer taxes, if applicable are the responsibility of the borrower and are not included in the waiver. SkyOne FCU has the right to rescind this promotional offer at any time without notice at its discretion.


HELOC: 1) Maximum Credit Limit: $200,000 or 80% of appraised value less liens, whichever is less. 2) Minimum Credit Limit: $10,000. 3) TRANSACTION REQUIREMENTS. The minimum credit advance that you can receive is $5,000.00 for the first advance. 4) RATE INFORMATION. The maximum Annual Percentage Rate that can apply to a Home Equity Line of Credit is 18%. Your Annual Percentage Rate will not go below 3% at any time during the term of the loan. 5) MAXIMUM RATE & PAYMENT EXAMPLE. If you had an outstanding balance of $10,000, the minimum payment at maximum Annual Percentage Rate of 18% with a 180-month term would be $161.04. 6) HELOC APR is variable. 7) Homeowners insurance is required.