Volunteer At-large Program

A 12-month leadership development program that prepares its participants to become future Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee Members of SkyOne.

Gain valuable experience in finance, banking, risk management, information security and corporate governance. 

Training and Development Curriculum

  • Introduction to credit unions
  • Understanding the duties and responsibilities of:
    Board of Directors
    Supervisory Committee
    Asset Liability Committee (ALCO)

Program Requirements

As a Volunteer At-large Program (VAP) participant, you will be required to attend or complete Credit Union training classes and attend at least four SkyOne meetings during the 12-month training program. Travel expenses for up to six meetings per year will be reimbursed by SkyOne.

You may be also asked to represent the credit union at events or functions, or to participate in Board appointed committees.

Apply Today

Questions? Email VAPselectioncommittee@SkyOne.org.

Candidates for the program will be scheduled for a formal telephone interview. Eligible participant must be a SkyOne member with their SkyOne account in good standing, must be bondable, and must be at least 18 years of age.