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Youth Programs

Investing in your children

It's never too soon to teach good money habits.

  • It’s well known that the earlier you teach children about managing money, the better prepared they will be as adults to be financially successful. That’s why we are committed to giving you access to age-appropriate resources that will help you start your kids on the right path.

    Through our competitive services and partnerships with BALANCE, BizKid$ and Bite of Reality, we’ll get your children excited about establishing a solid financial foundation.

    Help your kids develop saving habits with a SkyOne Minor Account:
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    We can help you purchase your kid’s first car:
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    The Elements of Money™

    Financial education and services for members ages 13 to 17 years of age.

    In partnership with BALANCE we’re excited to offer The Elements of Money™ —a new program that combines the financial products and services teens need, with real-world educational resources. Teens can join “Elements” simply by opening a SkyOne savings account. As a member, they’ll learn to navigate through the world of personal finance, as well as learn valuable lessons in saving money.

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    M3 Money Club®

    Financial education and services for members ages 7 to 12 years of age.

    In partnership with BALANCE, we have a program to help you bring fun, adventure and financial education into your home. The M3 Money Club follows the adventures of two young superheroes, Cash and Violet, as they teach kids smart money skills. As an M3 member, your child will gain the “super powers” needed to help Cash and Violet stop the evil Dr. Spendit’s plan to steal all the money in the world.

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    Empowering the next generation of savers

    SkyOne has partnered with BizKid$ and Bite of Reality to offer several financially focused youth programs and products geared towards our younger members at NO cost to you. BizKid$ helps kids develop entrepreneurial mindsets while Bite of Reality gives teens a first taste of financial responsibilities.

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