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Rewards with benefits

New card bonus offer: Earn up to 30,000 bonus points!*

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13-Month Share Certificate with 0.72% APY*

We’re celebrating our 72 years of service with a higher than market rate share certificate.

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Save $5,000 in closing costs*

Save up to 2% or $5,000 on your home’s closing costs, and make your dream home your new reality.

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Checking with dividends

An Advantage Checking Account that not only lets you access your money, but earn on it, with dividends up to 0.05% APY.*

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"SkyOne has been a valuable source for home, auto, and personal loans. They were at my side when traveling abroad and needed cash immediately and backed me up when my identity was stolen and checking account emptied. I will be with them forever. "

– Stephen C., member since 1982

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Scam Alerts Update

Check out our latest blog: Website Phishing Attempts and How to Stay Vigilant Click here to stay up to date!