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Fraud Alert: Spoofing Scams on the Rise

  • October 19, 2023
If you have any suspicion of the purpose of a call, hang up immediately and call us at 800.421.7111 to verify its authenticity.

There has been a recent surge in fraudsters attempting to compromise member accounts by impersonating SkyOne through text messages and calls. DO NOT give any personal information, one-time-passcodes, or security codes to suspicious or unprompted calls from us. Your security is of utmost importance to us, and we want to equip you with the knowledge to stay safe. Here’s what you need to know:


Recognizing Spoofing: How Scammers Gain Access to Your Account

Scammers employ a technique known as spoofing to manipulate your caller ID display, making it appear as though their call is coming from a trusted source, like SkyOne. They also use a tactic called “neighbor spoofing” to mimic local numbers or even spoof numbers from recognized companies or government agencies to gain your trust. Once you answer, they employ persuasive scripts to extract your confidential information or security codes, which they can then use to infiltrate your financial accounts and siphon your funds.


Protecting Yourself from Spoofing Scams

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to immediately identify a spoofed call. That’s why it’s crucial to be cautious when responding to any request for personal identifying information. Here are some key steps to safeguard yourself:


  • Don’t Answer Unknown Calls: If you receive a call from an unknown number, it’s wise to hang up immediately.
  • Don’t Give Security Codes: If you are asked to share a security code or one-time-passcode (OTP) you received, it’s a scam. Fraudsters trigger a security code or OTP to be sent to you via text message or email through the “forgot password or username” function. They then call you, impersonating SkyOne, and ask you to share the security code/ OTP that was sent to you. Once shared, they will change your password and lock you out of your account. Never share any security codes. Ignore OTP messages if you did not request any.
  • Don’t Engage with Scammers: If the caller or a recording prompts you to press a button to stop receiving calls, it’s a red flag. Just hang up. Scammers often use this trick to identify potential targets.
  • Avoid “Yes” or “No” Responses: Do not answer questions with simple “Yes” or “No” responses, especially from unknown callers.
  • Keep Personal Information Secure: Never divulge sensitive details like account numbers, Social Security numbers, mother’s maiden names, passwords, or any other identifying information when dealing with unexpected or suspicious calls.
  • Verify Requests: If someone claims to represent a company or a government agency, hang up and independently verify their authenticity. Use the phone number from your account statement, the phone book, or the official website to cross-check their claims.
  • Trust Written Statements: Legitimate sources typically send written statements before making a phone call, especially if they’re seeking payment.
  • Beware of Pressure: Be cautious if you’re ever pressured for information immediately. Scammers often use urgency as a manipulation tactic.
  • Set Voicemail Password: If you have a voicemail account, set a secure password. Some voicemail services allow access if the call is made from your own number. Without a password, hackers could easily gain access by spoofing your home phone number.
  • Explore Call Blocking Options: Speak to your phone company about call-blocking tools and consider downloading apps for your mobile device. The FCC allows phone companies to block robocalls by default based on reasonable analytics.

For more information on blocking robocalls, visit


Your safety and security are paramount to us at SkyOne, and we’re committed to keeping you informed and protected from scammers. Stay vigilant, follow the tips provided, and remember that we will never ask for personal information through unsolicited calls or messages. If you ever have doubts about the authenticity of a communication claiming to be from SkyOne, hang up and call our official number at 800.421.7111 to verify.

Together, we can keep your SkyOne account secure and protect your financial well-being from those who seek to exploit it.

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Important Fraud Messaging Alert:

Fraudulent texts messages and calls impersonating SkyOne are increasing. Do NOT share any information. Beware of scammers! click here to learn more about spoofing scams.