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About Us

Providing financial peace of mind for over 70 years

  • About Us

    Who we are. What we do. Why you should join.

    SkyOne Federal Credit Union has been serving its members for 70 years, providing financial tools to help members save for their future, get financing for their homes and cars, and much more. As a not-for-profit organization, we are passionate about helping our members build a strong financial foundation and reach financial freedom. SkyOne Federal Credit Union offers the following products and services to help you thrive financially:

    Our Products and Services

    Checking AccountsOnline Banking
    Savings AccountsMobile Banking
    Money Market AccountsRemote Check Deposits
    Share CertificatesAccount Transfers
    Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)Wire Transfers
    Credit CardsInsurance Services
    Vehicle and Toy LoansInvestment Services
    Personal Loans and Lines of CreditFinancial Education and Counseling
    Mortgage LoansEmergency Financial Relief Program
    Home Equity Loans and HELOCAnd Much More

    A SkyOne membership benefits you. We understand that having enough money to take care of your family and have a comfortable retirement is a source of stress. We can provide you with free tools such as financial education, and affordable banking services to help you manage your finances and save for the future.

    As a member, you’ll enjoy many free tools to manage your accounts conveniently, such as free mobile banking apps that deposit checks and switch your credit cards off and on at a moment’s notice. Plus, we’re a network of thousands of credit unions that share their branches so you have more ways to conduct business on your SkyOne account. And, as always, your deposits at SkyOne are backed by the federal government for at least $250,000.

  • Our History

    A Proud Tradition

    We started when eight charter members established the CAA Region 6 Federal Credit Union in July 1949 to serve Civil Aeronautics Administration employees and their families located in Western states of the US.

    The Credit Union grew rapidly, and by December 31, 1949, boasted 200 members and assets of $19,887.53. From conducting transactions out of a cigar box during breaks and lunch hours, SkyOne Federal Credit Union has grown to become a dynamic financial institution, providing its members with the best financial products and services available.

    Over the years, we have experienced many name changes with the addition of new groups and increased territory.

    • When the CAA changed its name to the FAA, so did the credit union. FAA Western Federal Credit Union served FAA employees in 13 Western states.
    • In April 2000, we changed our name to FAA First Federal Credit Union, which reflected an expansion to serve FAA employees in Alaska and eight Great Lakes states. Later, we changed our charter to serve all employees nationwide who work in the air transportation industry. This includes employees of FAA, TSA, airlines, air cargo companies, and more.
    • In January, 2010, we officially changed our name to SkyOne Federal Credit Union to better reflect our field of membership at the time — the nationwide air transportation industry.

    Recently, in April, 2019, we expanded our membership territory to serve a much broader audience, most notably those who live, work, worship, go to school, or conduct business regularly near our Main Office in Hawthorne, CA.

    Today, we serve over 40,000 members nationwide and have $600 million+ in assets. We’re very proud of serving members for over 70 years and stand firm in our commitment to providing best-in-class financial solutions that improve members’ lives.

  • Executive Leadership Team
    Joseph Whitaker Portrait Shot
    President & CEO
    Joseph E. Whitaker
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    Chief Financial Officer
    Scott Ko
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    Chief Technology Officer
    Michael Carlos
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    Chief Lending Officer
    Russ McAtee
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    Chief HR Officer
    Mayra Daigneault
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    Chief Experience Officer
    Donald Peaks
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    Chief Digital Officer
    Shannon Doiron
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    Chief Administrative Officer
    Katia Santos
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  • Our Volunteers


    We believe in volunteers

    At SkyOne, we don’t believe in shareholders with private jets. Our leaders are volunteers: people who choose to serve , because they want what’s best for our members. Many of them have had long careers in the air transportation industry. All of them are committed to service, sacrifice, and fiscal responsibility.

    Board of Directors

    SkyOne’s Board of Directors decides our official policies and procedures, selects the Supervisory Committee, and continually offers counsel on the best ways to increase SkyOne’s growth and improve customer experience.

    Meet the Board

    Supervisory Committee

    Appointed annually by the Board, our Supervisory Committee protects our members’ privacy and our organization’s safety. They oversee annual audits and maintain compliance with policies and procedures set forth by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and the Board of Directors.