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Special Accounts

Give them a great start

Products and benefits made just for our next generation of members.

  • Accounts just for them

    We know that life is unique for everyone so we’ve tailored a list of special accounts to fit your needs. Send us an email at to request information on necessary documentation to open a special account.

    (For your security, do not include private information such as your account number in your email)

    Email Us

    • CUTMA Accounts
    • Coogan Accounts
    • Child Artist Accounts
    • Conservatorships
    • Guardianships
    • Representative Payee
    • Informal Trust
    • Trust Accounts

    Something for the young savers

    Get them on the right track to healthy financial habits with a SkyOne Minor Account.

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Important Fraud Messaging Alert:

Fraudulent texts messages and calls impersonating SkyOne are increasing. Do NOT share any information. Beware of scammers! click here to learn more about spoofing scams.