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Cloud9, SkyOne Loyalty Rewards Update

  • November 21, 2023

We’re excited to announce that our Cloud9, SkyOne Loyalty Rewards™ program is moving to a new experience! For our members with rewards cards, we aim to make this transition as smooth as possible. Below are important dates and details to note.

Transition timeline:

11/28/2023: The last day you can update your Choice Rewards Categories through the current online platform.

11/29/2023: Access to the current Cloud9 platform, including point redemptions, will be unavailable as we transition to our new platform.

12/07/2023: Access to the new Cloud9 platform through online banking and our mobile app will be available.

01/02/2023: You will be able to update your Choice Rewards categories once every quarter by calling our Choice Rewards helpline at 866.309.7305


Q: Will I be issued a new card?
A: No, this change will not impact your ability to use your current card, and you will not be issued a new one.

Q: What happens to my existing points during the transition to the new site?
A: All your existing points will seamlessly transfer to the new program.

Q: Will I continue to earn points for my purchases including my Choice Rewards categories during the transition period?
A: Yes, during the transition period, you will continue earning points on qualified purchases, including your Choice Rewards categories.

Q: Can I use the current online platform to update my Choice Rewards categories before the transition?
A: Yes. You can select your rewards categories in the current platform now through 11/28/2023.

Q: Can I update my Choice Rewards Categories after the transition?
A: Yes, starting 01/02/2023, you can select your rewards categories once every quarter by calling the Choice Rewards Helpline at 866.309.7305.

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