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With iSky® Online Banking, you can enjoy access to your SkyOne account anytime, anywhere.

In addition to the essentials like tracking account transactions, paying bills, and viewing images of checks you've written, iSky Online Banking also comes with extras that make managing your money even easier.

Additional tools that help you manage your money

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With just a few clicks you can move money between your checking and savings accounts or loans, or to external accounts that you’ve set up. It’s a fast and convenient way to make both one-time or recurring transfers.

There are no fees to use this service, and no limit to the number of transfers!

  • About Transfers Between SkyOne Accounts

    To transfer funds, log into iSky Online Banking and go to the Transfers page.

    • Account-to-Account
      Transfer funds between your checking and savings accounts, as well as make an instant payment on your loan or credit card. You can also make these one-time transfers on iSky Mobile.
    • Recurring Transfers
      This is a great way to get into the habit of setting aside savings. Simply select a frequency that you prefer, and sit back and watch your savings grow!
    • Member-to-Member
      You can even transfer funds to another SkyOne member, such as your spouse or co-worker. All you need is their name and account number. Rest assured both you and your recipient's privacy is protected.

  • About External Transfers

    With External Transfer, you can move your money conveniently between your SkyOne account and your accounts at other financial institutions. You only need to set up your external account once.

    To set up the transfer you'll need

    • Your account number at the other institution
    • The routing number of the other institution
    • Access to iSky® Online Banking

    Table data for

    External Transfer Limits

    If your accounts meets the following conditions You can transfer Alert Me
    • You don't have any loan or share charge-offs,
    • You don't have any loans delinquent for more than 30 days
    • Up to $10,000 into your SkyOne account per day
    • Up to $2,000 out of your SkyOne account per day

    A three-day hold applies to incoming transfers; the first $200 is available immediately.

    Meet both of the conditions above, plus...
    • You have an average aggregate daily share balance of $2,500 or more in the previous 3 months
    • You have an aggregated limit of $10,000 on your SkyOne VISA® Credit Card, SkyOne Line of Credit, or Home Equity Line of Credit
    Up to $15,000 into or out of your SkyOne account per day

    A three-day hold applies to incoming transfers; the first $200 is available immediately.

    Set up an External Transfer today

    To link an outside account to your SkyOne account, log into iSky Online Banking and go to the Transfers menu tab. Then click on External Transfers.

    1. Before you begin, you will need your account number and the routing number from your bank or credit union. You can find this at the bottom of your check.
    2. Once you have completed entering your account information, two micro deposits will be made to your outside account (it usually takes 1-2 business days for your outside financial institution to process this.)
    3. Once the trial credits are reflected on your outside account, log back into iSky, go to the External Transfer page and click on the "Verify" link. Enter the two amounts that were deposited, and your account is ready to make external transfers.

    Important note: You must be listed as the primary owner of all accounts to make a successful transfer.

    Set up external transfers

Secure Messaging

If you need quick account assistance, waiting in a phone queue is so last century. So we’ve created a Secure Messaging Center within iSky Online Banking to provide you a fast, easy, and secure way to correspond with us about your account.

You can access the secure messaging center through each of these 3 spots:

  • Click on the Messages link in the upper right corner of iSky Online Banking
  • Check your messages right below the navigational menu
  • Send us a message about a specific account by going to the Actions column under Account Summary 

Send us a secure message within iSky

Skip a Pay

Sometimes you just need a break from your loan payments. So for a small fee*, we offer members a flexible option to “Skip" a payment on an eligible SkyOne loan or credit card once every 12 months.

From covering unexpected expenses to freeing up extra cash for an important project, Skip a Pay is another way we can help you take more control over your money.

  • Skip a payment on credit cards and consumer loans
  • Send us your request at least 5 days before your loan payment is due

It's just a few simple steps to skip a payment

  1. Log into iSky Online Banking
  2. Go to the Manage My Account page, then Skip a Pay
  3. Select the loan payment to skip and the account to debit for the $30 processing fee
  4. Submit the request and you're done!

Skip a payment via iSky Online Banking

*A $30 fee will be assessed for each eligible loan skipped. Please refer to the Schedule of Service Charges and All in One Disclosure for complete details. You loan must meet the following conditions to be eligible for Skip a Pay: 1. All deferrals are subject to approval criteria established by SkyOne Federal Credit Union, including a loan payment history of six consecutive months on all open loans, including VISA® cards, and all loan(s) must be current (have no amounts past due). 2. Skip a Payment is not available for first mortgages, home equity loans and home equity lines of credit. Other restrictions may apply. 3. Finance charges will continue to accrue at the rate provided in your original loan disclosures and agreements. 4. Deferring a payment will result in higher total finance charges than if you made payments as originally scheduled. 5. This payment will extend the term of your loan(s) and you'll have to make an extra payment(s) after your loan(s) would be otherwise be paid off. 6. You agree and are required to resume your regular payment schedule after the "skipped" month. 7. You can only skip one payment per loan every 12 months with this program. 8. To skip one consumer loan payment, a $30.00 fee will be automatically deducted from the share account you designate. If funds are not available in the designated share account, you skip-a-payment request will not be honored. 9. For members who have Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), claim coverage does not extend to the amount of payment(s) deferred. In addition, the coverage will not be extended beyond the original maturity date.

Account Alerts

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little extra help with staying on top of your money. iSky Online Banking's free account alerts, or eAlerts, help you do just that.

Set up automatic eAlerts to let you know when your account balance drops below a certain level, or if there's a large withdrawal, so you're never caught by surprise.

Setting up eAlerts is easy!

Log into iSky Online Banking and click on the Alerts link. 

Sign up for eAlerts via iSky Online Banking

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