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Emergency Relief Loan

When life happens. We're here.

Special loans for handling emergencies—with zero interest for the first 90 days.

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  • Immediate cash

    In these unprecedented times, rest assured that SkyOne is here to help. If you suffer a loss of wages due to emergency circumstances,* including the recent coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, natural disasters and mass lay-offs, our emergency assistance program can provide financial relief to help with everyday expenses.

    • Loan amounts up to $5,000
    • Funds available as early as 1 business day
    • Up to 48-month term
    • 0% APR1 for first 90 days2


    “I finally received my last paycheck from the government shutdown and paid back my $5,000 loan from SkyOne. Thanks for helping me pay my credit cards bills so I wouldn’t incur any interest fees during the shutdown! Love you guys!”

    – Jason S., Member Since 2011

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How to apply

Give us a call or fill out our simple Emergency Financial Relief application. Select "Crisis Copilot Relief" as the purpose for your loan.

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Questions? Talk to an expert. 800.421.7111


Qualifying Events:


Employer related crises:

    1. Your employer has had a mass lay-off, temporary or permanent shut-down of the business, union-mandated strike, or work furlough (reduction in overtime pay does not qualify).
    2. Your employer’s events are well-documented in the media or confirmed by your employer in the form of an official notification.
    3. You may provide a copy of your most recent paycheck as your proof of employment.
    4. Your eligibility begins on the first day of the crisis, as documented by media coverage or official notification from your employer.


Natural disasters:

    1. You must reside in an area that has been declared a state of emergency by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
    2. Your eligibility begins on the date a state of emergency was declared and ends 90 days from the date the reported state-of-emergency.



    1. Your eligibility begins when the Center of Disease Control and Prevention declares the event a pandemic.
    2. You must be a SkyOne member for at least 12 months or have direct deposit of $1,000 or more deposited to a SkyOne account.


*Eligibility: You must be a current SkyOne member; Your SkyOne account must be in good standing: no delinquent or charged-off loans or no charged-off share accounts, and share balances are not negative.


Overdraft Privilege: By taking part in the Emergency Financial Relief program, if you have Overdraft Privilege protection of more than $500, the coverage amount will be reduced to $500 until the program ends as stated in the Eligibility section.


1APR: Annual Percentage Rate. Published rates are subject to change anytime. Rates, terms and loan amounts are based on your creditworthiness; all loans are subject to approval. The lowest APR offered is the lowest rate possible for qualified borrowers. The current lowest possible APR is 9.49% APR*; this APR includes a 0.25% automatic payment (Autopay) rate discount. If you have requested that Autopay be setup from a SkyOne share account at the time of loan funding, you are eligible to receive the rate discount. If Autopay is either not requested by you at funding or cancelled at any time in the future, you will receive the disclosed contract APR beginning the first month after you discontinue Autopay; the contract APR will then be charged to any remaining unpaid balance. The loan term is up to 24 months for loan.


2Personal Loan: The loan will not accrue any interest for the first 90 days, but after 90 days, the loan will begin to accrue interest at the contract APR. Limit one loan per member, up to $5,000 per loan.