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How to Transfer money to an outside account


With our free External Transfer service, you can move money between your SkyOne account and another financial institution conveniently and securely.


What you need to set up the transfer:

  • Your account number at the other institution
  • The routing number at the other institution
  • You only need to set up your institution once

Here’s how:


Step 1

Log into Online Banking and select Transfers, then select External Transfers to add your financial institution.

Step 2

Once you have completed entering your account information, two micro deposits will be made to your outside account (it usually takes 1-2 business days for your outside financial institution to process this.)

Step 3

Once the micro deposits are reflected on your outside account, log back into Online Banking, go to the External Transfer page and click on the “Verify” link.

Step 4

Enter the two amounts that were deposited, and your account is ready to make external transfers.

Important Fraud Messaging Alert:

Fraudulent texts messages and calls impersonating SkyOne are increasing. Do NOT share any information. Beware of scammers! click here to learn more about spoofing scams.