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Advocates for the Future

CA PTA Stands for All Children

From fundraising to financial literacy, SkyOne stands with you.


    Proud to partner with California State PTA

    We will donate


    to your PTA unit for a limited time for every 10 unit members that join SkyOne— Plus, we’ll reimburse their membership dues for the first year.**

    *Unit must open organization account with SkyOne to be eligible. Donation is limited to $2000.00. After initial 20-unit members join, we will then make an additional donation of $10 per member to your unit. **Unit members must open an individual account with SkyOne to be eligible. $10.00 reimbursement will be deposited into savings account after 30 days of account opening.

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    Benefits just for PTA units in California

    Merchant Services through our partner Fiserv

    SkyOne will pay for your first Clover Go® device or set up your Online payment service.

    • Clover Go device. The Clover Go is an all-in-one secure contactless, EMV chip and traditional swipe card, reader. This includes intuitive reporting and 24/7 support
    • PayEezy. Doing everything on the web these days? Accept payments directly and securely through your website with PayEezy

    Interested in Merchant Services? Contact our Business Development team at

    Win the penny war

    Give your volunteers back their time wasted rolling coins. Use any Coinstar kiosk, and SkyOne will reimburse your unit for fees incurred up to $50/year.

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    Account opening is as easy as 1-2-3

    Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

    1. Complete the SkyOne Business Membership Application package
    2. Provide a letter from the Secretary stating who will be on the account
    3. Provide a copy of ID’s from all signers on the account

    Ready to open your Unit Account? Fill this form and we'll reach out to you.

    New Officer Switch Kit

    Changing officers has never been easier. Contact a Business Development Officer at for an easy-to-use DocuSign application or follow the steps below and send it over to us:

    1. Complete the Business Membership Application with all current and incoming officers
    2. Provide a copy of IDs for all NEW officers being added
    3. Meeting minutes or letter from the PTA Secretary stating who will be added to the SkyOne account and who removed.

    Download Application


    Begin saving today for their future.

    If you’re a student, begin your financial independence today with a free SkyOne account.

    • Free accounts for members under 25
    • Checking accounts starting at age 13
    • 529 and college saving plans available through our Wealth Management team


    Kids learning about money and financial health

    Youth Financial Literacy

    SkyOne has partnered with BizKid$, Bite of Reality and BALANCE to offer financially focused youth programs geared towards our younger members at NO cost to you.

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